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Sunday, 31 August 2008 19:38

By Stan Hoig, published by the Oklahoma Historical Society, 1984, not in print.

Review: There have been a number of books about the world's only land opening of its kind and one that can never be repeated, because the factors that made it possible no longer exist, and there will be more.

But until that rare one comes along, this is the best yet.

There have been many recollections but unfortunately too many of them were written decades later when other views and time itself had infiltrated memories. This, as Hoig says in his prologue, is not intended to glorify the run but to explain it. Sort of a Caesar-like approach.

This is the best researched book on the subject that we have seen and that is no hasty statement. Our own venture concerned but a segment of the opening then went on into a multitude of facets around Oklahoma City's opening.

Hoig used government reports and records, contemporary newspapers (which to a historian's delight, the historical society has on microfilm), personal reminiscences through interviews, letters and diaries, and land cases in courts when claim disputes were arbitrated.

It is the depth of research that lifts this above other stories.

The whole area of the Unassigned Lands is covered, not just a segment of that near six county area. Some of Hoig's account differs at times with personal recollections from an ancestor, treasured by descendants, who did not take the time or have the opportunity to explore the subject.

This time a history professor at Central State University proves what he has been telling students about accuracy, boresome searching and sifting fact from fancy. We can tell Stan one thing and mean it sincerely "I wish I'd written it."

- Roy P. Stewart, October 28, 1984, The Daily Oklahoman

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